Curtain Wall Assembly and Glaze Shop

Our glazing operations are additionally supported with in-house fabrication and assembly glazing at our Romeoville, Illinois facility. Here we produce our unitized curtain wall frames that are packaged and sent out to various job sites across the country. Our facility is versatile to handle various curtain wall designs for an array of project types. To uphold a core principle in providing the utmost performance and quality of our unitized curtain wall system, we implemented the latest technologies to increase productivity, decrease waste & rejections, exceed safety requirements, and continually verified with robust testing procedures above industry standards.

Metal Panel and Steel Fabrication Shop

Crown Corr has extensive architectural sheet metal and structural steel fabrication capabilities. Our in-house capacity allows us to provide quick turnarounds and high levels of quality control. Crown Corr’s next-generation automation provides a seamless path for data from conception, to engineering, to fabrication, and finally erection. Crown Corr’s advantage is in those links - by providing a consistent data stream across all processes, we are able to minimize mistakes and rework, getting your job done quicker and more accurately.

Let us build your future.