Space Frames

Crown Corr provides turnkey spaceframe support systems that create a visually pleasing means for supporting glass and panels, especially perforated shade panels. Using space frames instead of conventional structural support methods (in addition to being beautiful) unlocks the possibility of innovative prefabrication and modularized erection methods that can potentially shave months off the construction schedule. Sinuous 3D shapes that would be very difficult to fabricate and install using conventional methods are no different from conventional rectilinear forms when space frames are used.

Our fabrication partner, DSI Spaceframes, has over 40 years of experience in engineering and fabricating space frame systems that are used throughout the world. Crown Corr provides design, engineering support, modeling, and erection services to make your vision a reality.


Secondary Steel Support Systems

Crown Corr operates two full-service fabrication facilities located in Gary, Indiana, and Romeoville, Illinois.  We typically produce structural steel framing systems (tube steel, pipe, wide flange, and angle), gauge metal framing systems, aluminum support systems, and custom hybrid systems for project-specific demands.  Our facilities comprise over 100,000 square feet of modern metal forming technologies. We offer a variety of prime and finish painted support systems.

We are self-sufficient and streamlined in the production of custom pieces. Our in-house engineering department generates fabrication drawings and shop tickets for all customized products. Crown Corr is also able to quickly provide samples and mock-ups during the design process and throughout the construction schedule, which allows us to better understand how the enclosure systems will work together.

Let us build your future.