Unitized Curtain Wall Systems

We have long-standing relationships with multiple key curtain wall manufacturers that have repeatedly proven their abilities to provide first-in-class engineering with their supply of custom unitized curtain wall systems.

With CCI’s in-house curtain wall project management expertise, we are able to manage the design/engineering, scheduling, procurement, and installation of multiple projects across the country with our group of curtain wall manufacturing partners.

Our abilities to manage CCI’s and partner’s resources allows a diverse approach to successfully executing highly technical and engineering forward projects.


We developed and implemented our proprietary unitized curtain wall system as a high performance glazed curtain wall to provide thermal resistance in all climates.

Optimized for cost effective construction, CCUW-SLS is customizable for desired aesthetics, clean lines, and innovative features to provide functionality with various infill options.

The standard factory unitized construction and structurally glazed assembly manages building dynamics and provides lasting integrity for exterior wall construction.

Featured CCI System Models

Specialty Glazing Systems

To accompany our glazed curtain wall expertise, we frequently supplement project scopes in the supply and installation of specialty glazed engineered systems. These systems showcase high-profile elements on each of our projects and typically add intriguing complexity to the enclosure.

  • Structural glass fin systems
  • Cable net systems
  • Steel fin systems
  • Grid shells
  • Fire-rated glass floors

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